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How can I find my missing dog?

Watch this video to learn more.

How do I contact the person who has my dog?

The FORPAWS team will send you an email if someone finds your dog. The email will include the finder’s contact details and a picture that they have clicked of your dog. Once you are sure that it is your dog, you can call the finder or email FORPAWS.

Do I need to register on FORPAWS to report a dog I have found?

No, you do not need to register. Download the FORPAWS app, click on ‘Found A Dog’ and follow the instructions. After you take a picture of the dog through the app, wait for suggested matches. Pick the most relevant match and click ‘Contact Owner’. Share your contact and location details with FORPAWS so that the owner can be notified and can also contact you. After this, all you need to do is look after the dog until the owner reaches you. Found a missing dog? Click here to report it.

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