Our mission

We know how much pet parents love their furry friends, they are truly a part of their families. We also know that the biggest fear they have is that of this family member going missing. With forPAWS we ensure that worried pet parents always have the most reliable help at hand, to locate and bring their dog back if they ever go missing.

Because we want to make the world a better place for pets.

How do we do this?

forPAWS, our free app, uses facial recognition technology and a wide network of kind pet lovers (parents & pet rescues in your city) to quickly identify, locate and reunite lost pets with their family!

The technology, powered by an advanced Machine Learning Algorithm, constantly improves the accuracy rate with the addition of more photos.

On the back of a successful Bangalore launch, we are proud & excited to launch ForPAWS across Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, and Delhi.

ForPAWS also recommends & connects the pet lover with nearest shelters so there’s help at hand to foster the lost pet.

Why partner with us?

At ForPAWS, we believe we share a shared purpose with many Pet Rescues & Volunteers– to make the city safe for dogs. We would love to collaborate with you

  • Lets together leverage Machine Learning where the AI driven Face recognition technology of ForPAWS helps your efforts of making an accurate match.

  • Access to a wide registered pet parent database - we already have a 25k + registers database of pets to cross reference lost pets and send alerts to all registered users of the ForPAWS App.

  • We would want to feature your organisation on our ‘Network that helps’ section on www.forpaws.com in the form of logo & pet finder map integrations. Checkout our partners page.

  • We would love to leverage your experience in driving awareness & education to pet parents & pet lovers through initiatives like podcasts, blogs, speaker sessions etc. We believe it would provide much support needed by parents who’ve lost their pets.

Join the ‘Network that Helps’ & lets together try making your city a safer city for pets

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For further questions, connect with us at support@forpaws.com

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