Our mission

We know how much pet parents love their furry friends, they are truly a part of their families. We also know that the biggest fear they have is that of this family member going missing. With forPAWS we ensure that worried pet parents always have the most reliable help at hand, to locate and bring their dog back if they ever go missing.

Because we want to make the world a better place for pets.

How do we do this?

forPAWS, our free app, uses facial recognition technology and a wide network of kind pet lovers (parents & pet rescues in your city) to quickly identify, locate and reunite lost pets with their family!

Just one recent photo of your dog can create a smart ID that is unique to that good boi. If your dog ever goes missing, forPAWS uses this photo to identify the unique facial features and help people in our network to identify, locate and bring back your dog.

The technology, powered by an advanced Machine Learning Algorithm, constantly improves the accuracy rate with the addition of more photos.

Who did we work with?

To create forPAWS we’ve worked with dog owners, rescues, shelters, the local government, vets and those who’ve lost and found dogs. Their collective experiences have helped form the app and shaped our plans.

What is our first offering?

We are starting with a lost & found service that helps you find your lost dog with just one photo. You will become a part of our incredibly strong community of pet parents who are all looking out for each other’s pets.

What’s next hoomans?

We see this as just the beginning; we’ve got some exciting things planned for the next phases of the app. But it isn’t our app, it’s yours, so if you’ve got any ideas or comments about the app itself or where we should go next, please tell us.